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About Alternate Gateways

What is Alternate Gateways

Alternate Gateways is a website that provides tutorials on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to anyone who is eager to learn. It doesn't matter whether you are completely new to CSS or whether you're experienced, but fancy learning something new — these tutorials are aimed at any level of proficiency.

Construction of Alternate Gateways

I built Alternate Gateways in 2006 because I wanted somewhere to store and pass on my CSS knowledge, however, over the last four years, I haven't had much time to write anything new. This culminated in me taking Alternate Gateways down, as I couldn't maintain it and wasn't happy having a site on my server that I wasn't actively maintaining.

During spring 2016, I undertook the task of rebuilding Alternate Gateways from scratch and rewriting the majority of my tutorials. Everything that is currently available has been rewritten and modernised. There are still several more tutorials that I haven't had the change to update, and so these are offline, but I am working my way through them and aim to restore them all in the coming months.

Site structure

Initially, there were three categories of tutorials: Beginner, Intermediate/Advanced and a Tips and Tricks section, however, I have only so far managed to update the Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced tutorials, and even then, not all of the latter. I don't feel comfortable putting the tutorials I haven't updated online until I have had the chance to give them a complete overhaul, as they are now fairly outdated. I will revisit those tutorials and update them all and then publish them.